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"The greatest unexpected gift to have come from my military service is the amazing support system I've found in my Hero brothers and sisters. To me there is nothing more important than finding a way to help others achieve that same experience."

Dawn Keegan - Founder

Hero Harbor. A Veteran-owned nonprofit for Military and First Responders

Lean on us so they can lean on you

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The Hero community does many difficult jobs that our country depends on, but doesn’t always understand or appear to appreciate. We love what we do, but it can take its toll and we aren’t always the best at seeking help or guidance.

Hero Harbor is reducing suicide among military and first responders. We do so with a tech solution that connects them to other members of the Hero community.

The Challenge Faced By Our Military And First Responder Ranks

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Every Hero story is a little different, but there are common threads. At HH we’ve identified a few of the tallest hurdles facing Heroes in the military, law enforcement, firefighter and first responder communities:

  • Inadequate or inaccessible support systems in the moments we need them most
  • A healthcare community sometimes lacking the understanding and compassion to treat Heroes in ways best suited to their independent and driven personalities
  • And as Hero business owners the time we waste trying to get noticed, leads to additional stress and potential feelings of failure

In response, Hero Harbor has created a tech solution to bring Heroes together, with the additional vision of partnering with other organizations that ease the transition from Hero service into your next purpose-driven mission.

The Hero Harbor Veteran And First Responder App

Reducing The Impact Of PTSD In Veteran And First Responder Communities

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On a personal level whether you are seeking a shoulder or have one to offer, there is no better support system than others who have walked your mile. Only a fellow Hero understands the unique challenges of the job and transition back to civilian life.

  • No more stolen valor. Only id verified profiles are able to interact with anyone
  • Quickly locate your peers. Searchable interest tagging makes finding a fishing buddy easier than ever
  • Make real life connections. Create individual or group and unit events using in-app scheduling driven by Google maps

For Hero run businesses or Hero focused causes, we believe you should be able to reach your desired market without devoting a fulltime staff to the job of social media. With HH, once a company is verified Hero owned, we add their URL, promote them to our community and let you get back to doing what you do best.

  • Tell your personal or business story with video profile options
  • Get the recognition you deserve with verified tags. Proudly display your Hero affiliations and the URL for your new business or passion project.

Do you have helpful Hero experience?

Hero Harbor needs volunteers and board members.

What Our Heroes Are Saying About Hero Harbor

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The Phrase “We Take Care Of Our Own” is what pops into my mind when I see any post from Hero Harbor. Dawn has a heart of gold when it comes to helping our fellow Veterans, First Responders and Law Enforcement.

The podcast is a life saver for many who are struggling with PTSD or its many symptoms. It brings to life what we have gone through and lets others know that they are not alone.

We all have similarities and paths when it comes to PTSD. Being able to share my story was therapeutic and reminded me how far I have come since being in those dark places where it seemed there was no light at the end.

Since the podcast my family and friends have a better understanding of what I go through. Keep up the great work Dawn with Hero Harbor, you're changing the lives of many. Semper Fi Sister.

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I can’t thank you enough for what you do. We’ve all spoken to professionals who say they understand, it’s a facade 99% of the time because they’re just telling you what you want to hear. Hero Harbor has shed so much light on the concerns and needs of the active duty, veteran, and first responder communities because of what you do and those we interact with truly UNDERSTAND what the other is going through.

I believe wholeheartedly you and the Hero Harbor organization are going to make great strides in opening the eyes of others who’ve never experienced the ugliness of the real world.

Best regards