For many years I was like the rest of the world rushing my life from weekend to weekend always trying to savor those precious final Sunday night or holiday hours and dreading the sound of the alarm that signaled a new work week. Even then I remember commenting on the irony of it and how unfortunate it all was given how delicate our existence can be. And when I found myself out of work it got even worse instead of better. I suddenly began to hate every day instead of just Mondays. I saw myself as without purpose and lacking value or worth.

For a long time I did everything I could think of to mold myself into something the corporate world wanted. I got certified in PowerPoint, studied change and project management. I changed my resume with every submission in an attempt to highlight whatever skill that particular company was looking for. It didn’t work. I became so desperate to show I could do it all I would oversell myself. Each rejection just drove me further into despair. I began to envy every minimum wage job earner I came across simply because they were drawing a check.

Then one day I began looking inward at my heart. I asked myself “What are your true gifts and what is it that you are passionate about?” Not only was the answer easy, it was one that others had been saying to me for years. I am a people pleaser. Yes, definitely in all the negative connotation ways that has of sometimes being easily taken advantage of, but also in the amazing ways of making total strangers smile with compliments and giving random hugs and getting the response “you don’t know how I needed that”. Yes dear, actually I do because I needed it too. But it was more than that. I love to hear people’s stories and I am inspired all the time by the resilience of human nature and encouraged by the strength I see in those who don’t even recognize it. My heart is also too often crushed by those I meet who have so much to offer, but have been beaten down by life and don’t know how to fight back.

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So I began with getting my personal trainer certification and then lent myself to the path as it appeared and soon thereafter got my life coach certification as well as many others. Soon Mind and Body Coaching was born. Now every Monday is a gift because it means the rest of the world is back at work and I can again go out there and interact with them and have the opportunity to change lives. Every Monday is sort of like a New Years day in that it feels like a new beginning and a fresh start. So holidays excepted I get 52 fresh starts a year.

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It’s natural that we all experience sort of a reverse bell curve effect with any goal. However, if you start the week miserable where can you go from there? Maybe it’s time to look at your life differently. Don’t wait for a catastrophic event like a job loss, divorce or death to open your eyes to the possibilities. Start figuring out your path, heart and true bliss right now before you have rushed weekend to weekend your entire life away.