The image to the left “#RIPLINKEDIN” was posted on linkedin a while back. The poster made an oft repeated comment about the continued decline of the networking giant’s value as a legitimate professional resource.

The comment has sparked a great deal of interest and debate. However, the two sides don’t seem to be a simple yay or nay about the validity of his statement. Instead it seems to be one side agreeing and the other side saying “who cares?” or “live and let live”.

It is the latter attitude I want to address today. In general I am the first to acknowledge the futility of engaging ignorance. I have said repeatedly you can’t legislate away stupidity. However, every single aspect of our lives is being overrun by those who would take advantage of us either for financial or sexual manipulative gain. And as the old saying goes “if you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem”.

Some of the comments on the post suggested if you don’t like something in your feed you can delete it. Why should that be my responsibility? At the time of that posting I’d been a member of linkedin since 2008 when it was still respectable. Later after an encounter where I was duped into meeting someone from there on false pretenses, I quit all together only to return a few years later (that same person tried to “connect” with me again).

The company was then in the process of being sold for a disgusting amount of money based on their previously built reputation. So while a few people are profiting mightily I’m being told I should have to police something that should never be allowed in the first place.

Other comments suggested you can’t separate out the human and emotional component of business. That is complete crap. There are literally hundreds of sites for exactly the purpose of posting the abusive type stuff this poster was complaining about. If you need to get laid go to a hookup site. If you have something truly valuable to offer in the way of business advice or products then you shouldn’t have to resort to trickery to make that happen.

The problem is the same whether it is business or politics. Someone starts out with a great plan or idea and with the proper and honest motivation. However, by the time it gets so big and really profitable all the scruples and values have been sidelined or forgotten about in favor of making money. And that only happens when we allow it.

I’m including here a screenshot from the post.