Hero Hex Nut Paracord Wristband with Compass and Flint Buckle


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I was once asked, how you thank a Hero for their service if you can’t easily identify them as such. My reply was that we should be friendly, kind and helpful to all we meet and hopefully in the process we learn someone’s Hero status. However, the question got me thinking about ways to identify our brothers and sisters while also providing a constant reminder that we are never alone.

To that end, every Hero Harbor paracord or leather crafted item bears a dog tag with the reminder “Because No Hero Serves Alone”


Description:  This Hero wristband is much wider and heavier than most with several 5/16″ hex nuts woven in. The buckle features both a compass and a flint striker.

It is available in any of the colors shown and can be additionally adorned with charms. An accent color can be added as well.

Additional information

Primary Cord Color

Blue, Green, Dark Green, Black, Leather

Accent Color

Blue, Red, White, Tan, None


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