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Season 2 Episode 54 The Men of Four Brothers Mead

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Welcome back this evening, we are speaking with Dan luck of four brothers need. Hopefully soon here, his brother is going to be popping in one of his other brothers again, there's obviously four of them. Anyway, welcome, Dan. Thank you.

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Thank you. Thanks for having us.

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Absolutely. I'm excited. And you know, of course, it is it can be a challenge, sometimes getting us, you know, on the same page and finding it schedule and everything else. But it's, I'm really glad you're here. So

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tell us about four brothers need.

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Well, the four brothers need of the brothers are by brother, my biological brother, Joe luck. And then I have my brother in law, Chris, guilty. And then a brother in arms, Brian Becker. And so all four of us were

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veterans and or currently serving

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active duty Air Force

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through the brother Joe, and Chris military police, and Brian's combat medic. Army, so we're, we're a big military family. And, you know, we're brothers meet. So all of us, we kind of have a northern Germanic genealogy, if you will, you know, so we, we've always kind of liked me. And, you know, we're sitting around one day and having a few drinks and drinking some meat from a store. And we thought, you know, what we can? Why don't we just make this let's just make this ourselves. So it wasn't anything big at the time. So we started, you know, tinkering around with recipes. And, and, and then we started giving out samples to other people kind of like, what do you think kind of thing, and people liked it. And then people really started liking it.

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FU for the first one,

Unknown Speaker 1:57
the next one gets easier and easier. You know, it's like,

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exactly. So I the word, the word spread very quickly. And our our theme kind of combines are, you know, no more Viking heritage with our warrior model, kind of combining him into the veterans and the Vikings and the lawyer concept. And so we've got quite a quite a few solid followers, right?

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When did you When did you guys launch?

Unknown Speaker 2:32

Unknown Speaker 2:34
it was about January of 18. When we first started coming up with

Unknown Speaker 2:38
your I mean, you're still really young. I mean, really young?

Unknown Speaker 2:41
Yeah, we didn't get our LLC actually until September of last year. So I mean, you know, we're, we're maybe nine months into this thing, you know, so.

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So I have to ask you about that, you know, because, for me, I'm constantly in a so it's like, nothing is fast. And in part because the Hero Harbor mission is to save lives. And so you know, my trump card, no matter what anybody says, to me, it's like, people are dying. As long as people are dying. You can't go fast enough. But it's like, you're kind of caught between I have to stop. And it's like, Okay, look, the idea of the app happened in October, we launched in November. Now we have another app that we you know, that laid the foundation for it. But the idea of having a separate product came in October, we launched in November, we I mean, we we move very, very quickly. And I think that's part of a military thing. I have found that, you know, civilians, don't you like you just slow down. It's like, no, there is no so it's like you don't understand you do not want to deal with me trying to sit on my hands. I didn't work. So So do you find that, you know, it's like, I have gone fast. And yet, but it doesn't feel like it's fast enough. Right?

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Right. No, yeah, we're used to operating fast and, you know, focused. Me You don't you don't sit

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around and and you know, it's like, for me, I'll go after something. And it's not quite working. So I was like, Okay, fine. I'm going to go on and do something else. And so, I think so i think that that's a I think it's a military quality. You know, you don't sit around and you don't have a whole hell of a lot of time to make decisions. Okay, so I have to ask you, how is it working? You know, I mean, how do you got you got you apparently get along pretty well and such? I mean, is there any time when you just want to punch one of your brothers in the face and say, okay,

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you know, well, no, I mean,

Unknown Speaker 4:34
we are we were solid.

Unknown Speaker 4:37
Before this whole thing started, we had a really strong bond.

Unknown Speaker 4:42
It I mean, you know, we we like to play video.

Unknown Speaker 4:49
Nice. Okay.

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All right. So we get to go on here, brother.

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Joe, like I introduced earlier, Joe and Brian.

Unknown Speaker 5:04
Nice to meet you. I'm gone. So nice to meet you. I don't know how much you've told him. I'm the whatever you want to co president, director, whatever you want to call it Hero Harbor. And I'm just I'm so thankful to have you guys here. It's just It's awesome. And you get the best. I wish people could I may need to launch this as a video rather than because you guys are just so awesome. Okay, so keep going. Keep going. Keep talking about your story telling your story.

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Well, yeah, so we we were just talking about the story and how we started and you know, that's

Unknown Speaker 5:37
right now. So I was just asking him, I said, How is it working with you guys? Is there ever a time you just want to punch somebody in the face? And especially when you're talking about me? You know, I mean, it's like, you know, you're you're you're getting high on your own supply? Yeah. No, no.

Unknown Speaker 5:52
What do you think?

Unknown Speaker 5:55
Really, like, like any sibling relationship,

Unknown Speaker 5:59
you know, by blood, like Brian, and I didn't you know, Dan and I are brothers, by blood, Brian's not, but he's our brother. Because of everything Brian and I have been through we were in Iraq together. And then Brian and Chris, were in Ghana stand together, we would spend every day together. And like I was gonna say, just like any normal sibling, we get on each other's nerves. But

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I didn't look at you guys. You're just you're all smiling. There's like, No, you know, it just it's awesome. I mean, I, oh, my gosh, if every company could could be this happy this? Oh, my gosh, world would be a different place. I tell me real quick, how did each of you end up in the branches that you ended up in and the particular invoices you chose?

Unknown Speaker 6:45
by two quick stories I

Unknown Speaker 6:48
wanted to join.

Unknown Speaker 6:50
And so I went in three, in a school program. So I wrapped up that school, and what I went right into through the service from there, so actually, I was talking to a marine recruiter at the time, I wanted to get right into it. And, you know, hit it hard and fast and not come back kind of thing. But my uncle was Air Force. And he, he convinced me that the lifestyle was a little, little smoother. So

Unknown Speaker 7:20
and one of the other Marines I talked to, you know, right after 911, the, the, the, the grunt, the infantry, part of it was, it was full. I mean, he, he he was a year out before he attempted to join and another year out before we can actually get in, because there is no room. I mean, that, that that says a lot about America, you know, in just that, that you can't get into the brain. Everybody wanted to be a bullet stopper. And it's like that is I mean, that says so much. Because it you know, it takes a special kind of crazy to be a marine. But when you have so many people with willing to do it is that's phenomenal. Yeah. Oh, yeah. So yeah, sorry. I didn't. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 8:06
Well, that's fine. I mean, that's my story. I just read them.

Unknown Speaker 8:10
And, you know, yeah. Each of us the oldest is the oldest.

Unknown Speaker 8:16
Okay. All right. Now, okay. Go ahead and tell your story, you know, ask the question next.

Unknown Speaker 8:21
Oh, yeah. Dan's the oldest. And you're like 82. Yeah, like almost 84 years old. So 30

Unknown Speaker 8:29
said, You're the same age as my son, then my son was born in 82.

Unknown Speaker 8:33
Yeah, I was born in 82.

Unknown Speaker 8:37
When's your birthday? August is not November. But anyway. Okay. Go ahead, Joe.

Unknown Speaker 8:43
And I'm I'm 34. I was born in 84. And I've always wanted to be a police officer. And I went to college, I went to some job fairs there, the college in Central Missouri State. And I always, everyone always said all these departments like, Oh, looks better if your your military definitely, definitely helps. And I was like, well, that's perfect. I wanted to join the military anyway, hook it up to my brother. And he he joined. And I wanted to join before that this just kind of pushed me further between one of the joint to help up a career that and needing money to finish college. kind of perfect. So joined up and I went empty, because I didn't want to be living in the field. I wanted. I wanted to be still doing stuff. It's still going into the field. Or does that bizarre, though? That's why that's why I joined in half years in the reserves. And that's why Chris and Brian.

Unknown Speaker 9:43
Okay. Brian jitter.

Unknown Speaker 9:47
So, with me, um, I joined because it sounds cheesy and cliche, but like, I wanted to be a part of something bigger than myself.

Unknown Speaker 9:57
It's not in the least bit cheesy or cliche. I hear it all the time. And it's like, hey, that works for me. You know, I mean, there's there's certainly worst reason why he worse reasons for joining. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 10:10
I mean, there's benefits from like, the schooling and stuff like that. Right.

Unknown Speaker 10:15
Yeah. But yeah, but that's not enough to keep you in. I mean, that's not you know, it's, you know, if, if that's all you want, and you get to boot camp, and you're like, Oh, hell no, right. It's like, Oh, yeah, the school bus go? No, fuck that. I'll find another way to go to school. So yeah. Anyway.

Unknown Speaker 10:31
So that's, that was kind of the push on that I come from a family of military also.

Unknown Speaker 10:37

Unknown Speaker 10:39
that kind of helped sway me. And I chose to be a 68 whiskey. So I am a it's changed, the titles changed so much. It used to be combat medic than healthcare, Sprite. Right. Right. Whatever it is now. But, um, so I was pretty dead set on being a medic. And the reason why is, I also have nursing in my family as well, and my grandma was always kind of pushing me, she's like, oh, maybe you should be a nurse. And so I figured that might help me in some way, shape, or form. Right. And then also, Band of Brothers, the medic in, in the show kind of inspired me, medic in the, in the army. So I didn't want to settle for anything other than that. So that's what I chose. And,

Unknown Speaker 11:30
you know, I all the time. And of course, you know, as a Marine, we give we all this all the inner service robbery, but all the time I meet, you know, Navy guys, but then who turned out to be corpsman, and if they just have a special place in my heart, because there are so many more Marines walking around because of those corpsman those corpsman are carrying Purple Hearts, because, you know, they saved my Marines. And, you know, there's, you got my ultimate respect. So I gotta ask you, you guys seem just so well adjusted? Did you Did any of you, or all of you go through, you know, any of the typical transition? issues that I know, I don't know, my purpose? I don't know where I'm going next, you know, any of the VA medical crap, or any of that stuff? Did any of you experience any of the, you know, what do I do next kind of thing when you got out.

Unknown Speaker 12:22
So with me,

Unknown Speaker 12:24
I always told myself, like, Oh, it was a smooth transition. And I just I kept lying to myself, if I'm going to be honest. And it's still it's, it's like that today, like, in my, what's the word I'm looking for? Like that the transition, you know, I told myself, it was smooth. Like, in hindsight, looking back, I know that it wasn't, I still have struggles, and things that are tough to deal with, and,

Unknown Speaker 12:53

Unknown Speaker 12:54
just like triggers can happen, and something will pop up in your head, or, or you'll think like, something negatively, and it still happens to this day. But I mean, you just gotta keep going forward. And

Unknown Speaker 13:06
well, and the reason I ask is because, you know, I don't know how many of these interviews I've done now. And, you know, all of the stories are a little different, but there are common threads. And the, you know, there's several missions with Hero Harbor, you know, one of which is, and with this, you know, these be segments from the podcast, it's partly to let you guys tell your story, part of, you know, to get your business out that sort of thing. Part of it is to let, I'm trying to bridge the gap between those, you know, US and the civilians, because there's so many who just don't understand, and some of these stories are really tragic, or really, you know, just just, there's stuff that even I, and you know, I'm a desert storm veteran, but that it's like, I have to step back and go, wow, you know, it's just, it's hard for me to take in, because I just didn't see this, you know, the things that so many of you guys did, but it, it's, like I said, there's so many common threads a lot, you know, sometimes it's the medication sometimes, but that's the one thing these guys will say is,

Unknown Speaker 14:17
you know, getting out, because we go, we tend to be really,

Unknown Speaker 14:22
if you succeeded, and especially if you stayed in for any length of time, if you succeed, even through boot camp, and you know, and is

Unknown Speaker 14:30
we're a different kind of people, we're all worked, we are high achieving, or high, you know, we're just all of those things, and then you take off that uniform, and you don't your you don't know where you are, what your next thing is. And I was married to marine at the time, a very wonderful man, it was he was a second recon, but he didn't know he didn't know how to, you know, because that's the thing is, you know, we go through those classes, but they don't, it's like, give me my cities, I'm out of here been there done that I don't need this. And then it's just that you're right, it's the same thing, we get out. And we're like, oh, crap. And so that's what we're working to do is to give you both a safe place, you know, with people who understand who've been there. And we recently expanded our mission to beyond the tech two, we're going to start building Hero communities that transitional communities, such that you know, you have a place where it's kind of like living on base, but you're not, it's not run by the VA, it's not run by any greedy Corporation, it's a place where you know, you can get the because one thing we find is that it's not just about finding a job, it's about finding a purpose, you can be paying the bills, but if you're not giving back and not having something that you feel, you know, that you're that is meaningful to you, you're an All of us, because, you know, we're high achieving and an end, Dan was saying talking about earlier about, you know, how fast you guys, you know, how far you've come in such a really short period of time, we expect so much of ourselves. And so we still have those dark moments, we still have those because, you know, we're, again, we're trying to, you know, maintain the, you know, the persona for our families and take care of it and all anyway. So, I just a lot of is just to let you guys know that, you know, we get it and and you know, I'm working as hard as I can to, you know, to get that platform for all of us. Because whether, you know, today, I might be feeling strong, and I have a shoulder to offer. But tomorrow, I might be dialing up and saying hey, I you know, I need somebody you know, and and so it's it's not, it isn't a matter of it because we don't know how to ask for help so many times, too. So. All right. So there was all right, so tell me more. Dan was talking about the whole meat thing. So you guys give me a little bit you know, tell me how your your parts of the story about how how this came about and and just what it's like, because I know I've seen some of your posts. Just you guys hanging out and you know, drinking and whatever. You're testing the the the product, just so talk to me about that.

Unknown Speaker 17:14
Yeah, so my wife and I got married in a town. Here in Missouri Alterman, it's only about an hour 20 from us. And I bought a bottle to me there. I forget why I wanted to buy this bottle. I think maybe Brian you were talking about in a friend Brandon Merrill's talking about me. And I was like, the guy had me but I can't remember. And I seen this bottle and I picked it up and then we were drinking it one night just had a really different labor like we're used to just drinking, just drinking beer, you know?

Unknown Speaker 17:48
Just swell.

Unknown Speaker 17:50
unique flavor. And it was so weird how I described it was like, it almost tastes like the smell of a petting zoo. Actual kidnapping case. And we were all drinking it. And I know these guys were like it and I was liking it. And we kept going out going out to stores in China find a need that tasted like that without having an hour and a half away to go get right. No. Other means we're tasting I was like, delicious taste like, watered down.

Unknown Speaker 18:24
He can get in any store. I mean,

Unknown Speaker 18:28
where they do still need that. That some stores like there's a show notes right by my house. That you could buy a bottle for really cheap, but it's super clear. It looks like water that has a hint of a golden color to it. And it's

Unknown Speaker 18:44
it's cheap and dehydrated.

Unknown Speaker 18:47
Exactly. Yeah. It doesn't really taste like anything special. It just tastes like a crappy

Unknown Speaker 18:54
that semi sweet. You can tell us pure real honey. Like we use it. They use some and some corn syrup and others. Right. Right. Right.

Unknown Speaker 19:04
All right. So tell me a little bit about Tell me about the process. Tell me about some of the stuff that goes you know, without giving away any company secrets but you know, some of the stuff that goes in it what you know the process of it. I mean that because I know my dad at some point made wine and I don't even know and you mentioned the whole Viking thing. I I learned not too long ago, I have something called duper trends. The where it's you know, it's that's the ligament starts solidifying. And eventually, you know, it's supposed to get painful and drawn out anyway. Apparently, that's indicative of a Viking gene of a was that not What did they say? Northern European, whatever. Anyway, the Viking gene. So at some point, I want to get a DNA test and find out exactly, I did find out I had what side of my family came from because I met a relative we would had the surgery. But so yeah, so we apparently we may be a lot, you know, distant relatives of some sort. So, but anyway, yeah, so tell me tell me about the, the whole me process.

Unknown Speaker 19:58
Yeah, so I'll give you my special.

Unknown Speaker 20:00
That's right. Yeah, we don't edit out the secret sauce part.

Unknown Speaker 20:05
I mean, as the I mean, as far as the process goes, we, in general, we try to go well, we don't try we go is all natural, as as as possible as you can. So we use our honey is there's no added sugars or corn syrup of any kind. It's straight from the high raw honey that we filter. And then we have a water filtration system and stuff in our pure yeast that we use. So there's no other added chemicals to make it you know, asleep right here or it's just me and its simplest form. And and it really shows through I thank you, so Oh,

Unknown Speaker 20:49
yeah. So who are some of your biggest customers and how do you distribute this? I mean, is it online or is it just locally or and what are your visions for it?

Unknown Speaker 20:59
Yes, so are

Unknown Speaker 21:02
right now it's all being spread. Well started off by spreading word of mouth and social media network. But we have there now three

Unknown Speaker 21:15
establishments in our in the town here.

Unknown Speaker 21:19
Okay, now you're in Missouri. What right, we said Mrs. Was that what you?

Unknown Speaker 21:25
Were in Festus, Missouri Festus and that's about? It's about 35 minutes south of St. Louis city. Oh, and there's there's about three or four places now that are looking at carrying it or aren't carrying it. We can we do ship to Missouri. And by the time this podcast actually probably gets broadcasted, will be able to ship nationwide again. So we're going to go through an online distributor female shipper? Uh huh.

Unknown Speaker 21:56
Yeah, was there what was the learning curve for you guys? In terms of doing that I'm, you know, how much stuff that you have to throw out? And did anybody get sick? I mean, do you have any any any just unusual or funny stories or, you know, favorite stories about this whole process? Oh,

Unknown Speaker 22:14
has been working? Well. No, come on, man. super hard at this. I know, my job. And I, you're still at the same job, Brian and I, we can't really be on our phones during the day. So Dan has the most accessibility to do a lot of this stuff.

Unknown Speaker 22:34
Said getting sick at it.

Unknown Speaker 22:36
I know. He's getting worn out and beat up and brought he's really hanging in there. And

Unknown Speaker 22:42
you guys have you have regular square jobs. Right for? Okay, all of you do. Okay, so so at least part of the vision must be to get get it up big enough that you can leave. Leave those right? Why are we smiling?

Unknown Speaker 22:58
though? We are making it jokes. So the other one Chris, who's not here. He used to be a UPS truck driver turned insurance salesman turned. Yeah, his job is he's a stay at home dad now. So

Unknown Speaker 23:15
we give we're

Unknown Speaker 23:17
out of time and give them trouble about not being able to make advance with your stuff. But he's got a little one. Less than a year. So

Unknown Speaker 23:24
yeah, we can't bust him too hard for Yeah, so I'd say the most frustrating thing. You know, as far as all the it's just the legality government.

Unknown Speaker 23:36
The government agencies that they all want their hand in the pot. Oh, my gosh.

Unknown Speaker 23:43
It's just when you think you've read all the laws and statutes, you missed a line somewhere, and you know, and

Unknown Speaker 23:50
that would be the forms with different titles and you're paying double, it's just

Unknown Speaker 23:56
well, then you have then on top of it all, then you have to say scammers coming in and trying to slip their shit in there. And it's like, you know, oh, you need to pay us and it's like, I don't even know who you are. And it's like you just mind. It's like, I am a creative. I don't I don't want I don't want to deal with that stuff. And it's, yeah, it's terrifying. And the guy that I was the marine I just interviewed. He started a business. He's got a couple businesses, but it's Kamikaze Woodworks. But then he started something called crayons ready to eat. So it's chocolate, edible crayons, right? And because he said one day, he was sitting there, he started as an artist, he was sitting there and he had one of the crayons in his mouth. Now. I am old school. I've been out for 25 years. So the the crayon eater thing was new to me. But he you know, the though, so yeah, he teamed up with a friend of his, and she came up with the, you know, the recipe and they starting up, well, then somewhere along the line, somebody found out and it's like, okay, you're cooking this stuff out of your home and data. And there's like all these It's like she when they got lucky that, that whoever it was liked them. And you're kind of you know, and but they've had to sort of spend everything until they can get all those, you know, all the stuff the licenses and what also? Yeah, I mean, that's, you know, I were really lucky at this age. Now, once we get into the construction stage that that will, things will change a lot. But right now, the software, there's not really going to anybody mess with us on, you know, stuff, aside from the nonprofit aspect. But yes,

Unknown Speaker 25:29
yeah. So

Unknown Speaker 25:30
okay, so do you have it? All right, I'm trying to think. All right, so probably said, part of the dream is to get you guys, you know, you know, up and big enough? And what all what is there anything else? I mean, do you have any visions beyond just selling me? Is there any, you know, what else?

Unknown Speaker 25:48
I mean, not saying that there has to be I'm just curious. I mean, what goes, What's going on in your minds?

Unknown Speaker 25:55
I mean, I think, eventually, we would like to, and we're we're working on

Unknown Speaker 26:02
a way to be able to give back to the veteran community somehow. But right now, there's a certain percentage of our sales that does go to very veteran charity, but we're working on, you know, trying to, we're working with veterans, referring veterans, right?

Unknown Speaker 26:19
companies to kind of help

Unknown Speaker 26:22
have events and hold, you know, try to find ways to give back and I

Unknown Speaker 26:26
right, and when I find that seems to be, you know, it seems pretty common. And that's another thing with HH is that, you know, we're trying to, because there's so many of us out there trying to do sort of the same thing. And you know, whether it be you know, homelessness or whether it be you know, PTSD, and suicide, prevention, all this kind of stuff. And yet, we're all little, you know, trying to struggle. And so what I want to do is bring us all under one umbrella, so that, you know, we get in the app, we will verify your business, and then I will, I will continue the market on your behalf. So we can, you know, forget Instagram and forget Facebook and forget all those companies who don't give a shit about us, you know, and let me work, you know, work for you, you know, because it helps us all, you know, if I'm one person getting working on getting everybody in, it's getting eyeballs to all of us. So it's, it's, you know, it's a dual mission there for us, you know, we have the personal, you know, hey, that's what back signal goes up, bat signal goes up, you know, I need to talk to somebody, we've got that but then also you could you go in and you know, it's like, Look, hey, I'm in this area, and I want to find something I want to find me I want to and we have searchable so it's I want to I want to my goal overall is to reduce stress for all of us, whether it be on a personal level or on a business level. And so because Okay, so tell me really quick, cuz I know we're running out of time here. Tell me we were talking earlier about that flag. So So tell me more about the flag.

Unknown Speaker 27:53
Oh, yeah, yeah, so this is from from combat flags. Guys, answer whoever's listening to this later on, check out combat flags. Dan is the owner over there. Great guy. Yeah, so basically, if you're a veteran, I'll give a quick plug in if you're a veteran and you still have some of your old videos, or whatever they're calling them nowadays it will be used for being you can send them to combat flags. And he will make a flag from your issue uniforms. Awesome. So that's that's this guy right here. I know if you're not recording Yeah. So it's a little flag and then the big they have larger flags for sale as well. And you know, they get back to the veteran community as well.

Unknown Speaker 28:41
It was really clear I will probably just launch it as as at least as part of that as as part of the YouTube thing is usually it yeah so anyway, so keep on

Unknown Speaker 28:49
Oh yeah, no, I mean so we I wanted to support these guys I know we all support

Unknown Speaker 28:54
the same exact flag mine has a thin blue line right here in the middle Oh wow.

Unknown Speaker 28:59

Unknown Speaker 29:01
I was so over it by the time I spent the last year and opener I was so over it that I just I left all of my informs i the only thing I have is my combat boots that's it I have nothing right now my medals I have my medal somewhere I have a Southwest Asia and Kuwait liberation but I was just and now I kind of I kind of regret that I kind of wish I had you know some of that stuff back but and I've posted a couple of you know pictures like from and I forgot that they call them cookie dough. This was I mean, we were Desert Storm. That was really the first time that we saw a desert you know, and but I posted one picture and it was just a just a group photo but it got like 4200 likes I it's just a demographic that feels forgotten, but I was thinking okay, so tell tell us where to find you guys how you know the website. Any social. Tell us where to find you.

Unknown Speaker 29:50
Oh, okay. Yeah, it was in the last minute we have here.

Unknown Speaker 29:54
Yeah, I know. We're also on Facebook. f4 brothers meet same with Instagram. We're really active in Instagram, and Facebook, like the kind of posts it's hard to hit them all.

Unknown Speaker 30:05
It really is. Yeah, really?

Unknown Speaker 30:08
Their website?

Unknown Speaker 30:09
Yeah. And our website is four brothers need calm.

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