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Season One Episode One - Hero Segment Army Ranger Remi Rivera, COO of Ratpack Worldwide Security

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Out of suffering Have you merged the strongest soul.

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Some changes were made after this episode was recorded. The very more app I refer to during our conversation has returned to its dating routes, allowing us to offer a new product we call Hero Harbor. Our mission is to provide a safe supportive environment for those men and women of our military as well as civilian first responders to connect with people who understand their unique purpose. We want to help them transition past the tough spot so they can get back out there enjoy the world they've sacrificed so much to protect. You're listening to episode one where we talk safety, the importance of a support system and the joys of making great connections. Some changes were made after this episode was recorded. The Rapper for two during our conversation has returned to its dating routes, allowing us to offer a new product we call Hero Harbor. Our mission is to provide a safe supportive environment for those men and women of our military as well as civilian first responders to connect with people who understand their unique pressures. We want to help them transition past the tough spot so they can get back out there enjoy the world they've sacrificed so much to protect.

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Today I'm here with retired Army Ranger Remy t Rivera. He is the co founder and CEO of Rat Pack worldwide security. Welcome Remy. How you doing? Mr. Fabulous. Okay, so first of all, give us a little background on your history, your military history, and then how Rat Pack came about and how you met your co founder, that sort of thing.

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Okay, so, um, first time i from someone per Rico, I joined the military, I grew up I was raised some empirical with my grandma and grandpa, father. So growing up, you know, here was him. Talk to me about his, you know, military service in Korea, he did about 31 years in the military, including the National Guard. And even though as well, even though you know, my dad, he served in the Vietnam War. So I growing up, I researched a lot with the military, the Vietnam War, and always was interested in coming doing that. So 16 and a half, I joined the Navy, or 17 went to boot camp, and I served in the United States Navy as a Navy Corpsman for five years, including some deployments to Cuba, Gitmo, I went to the Mediterranean in the USS career source and I serve second Marine Division in oil to then after some surface there, I'm move to the army. Because I want to be a more I lost a lot of friends of mine in the Marine so I wanted to, I guess, you know, get back into action. So I went to the army through the blue to green program, and I joined the army. And I went on to work my way through the airborne, you know, airborne classes Ranger, indoctrination program Ranger School, and I served in the United States Army Rangers around six, seven years, which I deploy in direct direct action, support of Afghanistan and Iraq live one life, although if once and although if and pretty much all day. Oh, yes. Until 2010. And when I win and move to the warrant officer, part and I serve as one officer for one year before I was I pretty much decided to get out the military and try to pursue my you know, my career goal of becoming a doctor and finishing my by my solo degree. And building my service I met Mr. JKR McIntyre in Korea. And we hit it off, and we didn't know later on life work, we're going to be working together. And we met later, then around 2014, where he helped me out, we went to a couple people moments as executive protection officers and we finally went to Puerto Rico in support of Hurricane Maria the aftermath and we saw the craziness of the security companies and how they didn't take care of the agents or the the clients. So we come up with idea of Rat Pack and we are here now trying to build this amazing company. As a two headed monster we got Jeff person that you know, presents the company I'm behind, you know, doing the operations running everything that I need to learn

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paper wise and

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operational twice to try to build this company.

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Before we began recording you and I were talking and we had never traded any information never had a conversation was new, very know very little about each other. And yet, within moments, we had made this huge connection over not only the struggles that we both faced, getting out to struggles that we never anticipated because I mean we're hard charging, you know military people we never we don't need help. Yes, we get out all of a sudden we find things are different. So we both went through depressions and just anxiety that we never anticipated. We also connected over the fact that we were overachievers not everybody in the military is but as an Army Ranger for you as a marine for me, it just overdoing it in every aspect of our lives comes natural. So because of that we expect so much of ourselves hands down I expect way more of me than I expect anyone else in my life and that it's a really difficult position to put yourself in and that's one of the reasons that one of the big reasons that we're we're looking at the military right now and attempting to help get better and more in my case very more into the hands of people like you and I because it's once they're out if unless they get lucky like you did with with jr it's we lose them we're losing them at the rate of 22 a day because of that you know feeling of disconnected so I was just you It was so amazing just to have that that conversation with you and we could have gone on forever and yeah, hey I want I want to say thank you for that and be I want the veterans and any other military who are listening to this to realize that you know, it's okay to struggle it's okay to say it doesn't doesn't mean anything less of you because in fact it means more it just it means that you know we we have a camaraderie and we need each other to get through to the next day and see that son come up and and you know and help each other again we've we've been helping each other throughout the entire time we were in Why should we not help each other once we get out? Okay, so tell me about the Tell me about the name first of all Rat Pack

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How did you guys come up with that so so honestly that was the name the JR came on with? We were you know we were talking about it I would have ideas of business and structures and you know I didn't do what you say I work with on other companies. So I sent military there I'm cut out the military and Army Ranger I don't need no help me you know I play for benefits and nothing like that. So I didn't do it like that I work with other people and trying to pretty much when I remember going to accompany me like how work for you for free you know and I worked for free I said driver in less than six months move on to marketing director even though I never the market. You know, I learned everything online. So when I met with I was looking for that connection that you're talking about, who can I wake up every day and feel happy about working and changing something making money but also change the life of people and what is our connection and community is the military and military variants. So jr came up with the name Rat Pack in the first time I was like, Okay, I don't know. But the meaning behind it. He changing it up. It was a group of 10 I think 20s

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singing group with

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Oh yeah, yeah, gotcha. Yeah. Dean Martin and yes, yes. Oh, gosh, I can I can picture him I can't think of Sammy Davis Jr. Sammy Davis Jr. Dean Martin. Yes, I

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am all for joy.

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Yeah, so how these different guys from different cultures different backgrounds come together to pretty much be yes. So a lot of people consider rats you know, like even though nation communities You know, they're supposed to be wise a lot of people associate rats with with, you know, right nastiness. But what happens a night when when, you know, when the lights come off, right, the rats come out, and people secure the area, they are doing everything that nobody else wants to do. And they're doing well. That's what they probably so easily. So that's the that's the story behind behind the Rat Pack. Then we have the, the the chill when after the witness security, we have the war behind because we want to take it we want to bring Rat Pack and security awareness, the security guards the security agent, but also to the masses, you know, to teach people about security and awareness like you and me were talking about and we talked about having that people Guzman survive waco six sense, but it's a marine officer that wrote the book, the voice of the chipper, the duck ship or something like that. He sent marine Colonel and I can remember that he's got you know, yeah, you'll feel it. You know, if you come. If you see somebody coming to a elevator, and you have this leader stuff, don't feel embarrassed when you're getting the elevator with I personally, if you're a single woman, you don't have nothing to do with race economics, right? personal bias, but experiences telling you Hey, like in combat with the Marines, hey, don't take the left there don't take the right why you don't know how to explain it. But yes, it's a difficult experience. That is just you experienced this and when you have gone through that get you to that. And that's what we're not bringing to the masses, that idea that security is everybody's concerned and doing the small things and learning the basics can really save lives. And it's tough your family, if you don't care about you know, everybody else is your your family, your babies can be safe and can be I

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I love you again, I am sending you we're a few hundred miles away, but I'm sending you a big giant hug because you have no idea how you just set me up for my next question. So one of the things I saw you guys had posted the other day on social, I can't remember was it your face? Who knows? Was you out doing something with homeless like, you know, giving either, you know, giving food or something or something anyway. And I it occurred to me at the time that you guys spend a lot of time away from your families, because I mean, your startup you just began not too long ago, and it's a lot of work. And so what it got me wondering is, what do you do? I know that Jr. Has I don't know the rest of his family life. But I do know he mentioned on Adams podcasts that he has children. And so I was wondering what you guys do? To what have you taught what things that?

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I can tell you? Yes, yes. So. So I was like, probably like you and most of us. When I get out the military, I was doing the military. I did about nine deployments, 60 deployments about 48 months in combat, and then three other deployments. So total of 64 months, I was in the family Plus, you know, my wife was in the military as well. So when you live in the same house separated, since I was a kid, I was teaching my daughter, she said, let me just have now we're putting karate at the age of three. And later, like, you know, little kids karate I told the instructor last time I want her to go to the regular class. And she did and she be amazing. And she you know, sticks, then in the house was always a weapon. And we always broke it down and we talk about safety. We talk about the way we park the cards, how we work in the middle, how if I go to put gas, you know, my wife moved to the driver's seat, close the doors and somebody you take, you take off, you know, because you have to we talk about that because I was always the closer we talked to her. So my daughter, she let me your soul but she said yellow belt, Brazilian jujitsu, BBJJG, those MMA fighting, and now we move into a three to one shooting. So she's very outward, she's got good grades, she has a nice spirit to the hundred mean born herself. Right? Right, like no bullying, but we tell them, hey, you need to be aware that, you know, safety is important as a female. Just small, I'm sure guys, so learning those things and and be aware of that no, no means that you go around, you know, feeling that you're right. It's personal. But understanding that you're ready to anything that comes your way.

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That's it. And I think this is something because, first of all, thank you, and congratulations on grazing a strong, confident daughter because too many of us don't do that, you know, we train either, you know, overtly or in, you know, without realizing it our daughters to be to be fearful and to be you know, I've been asked in the past more than once. You know, how did I you know, deal with being in the military being when, you know, when I was stationed in, during Desert Storm out in the field, I was the only female in in the this massive unit and I in my GP 10th it was just me and they and I'm like, have you met me? Yet I walk I have my shoulders are squared my chins up. And you might absolutely snuff me out. However, you're going to be sorry. You know, it's like the it's the to the point is if you if you you don't have to be when you have the confidence that you're burning in your daughter, you don't have to be ugly or mean or anything. You because You know that? Yes, we are not able to protect ourselves from everything because again, I'm five four and but but if you walk with that, you know the knowledge you show people that it's it's not worth the trouble. Let me go find somebody who is is afraid and whatever and, and and get that other thing too is, you know, having your head on a swivel. I don't I'm never afraid. I don't know I've gone out because I have a chronic insomnia frequently out in the middle of night. Worry about where I go, though, because I you know, I'm always looking, I am careful, I locked the door. If I'm still stationary, I lock the door in my car. When I get out. I keep an eye on I'm the same way I drive. I'm aware of everything around me. And, you know, you just I mean, that's the way we should be. Anyway, but

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giving yourself a fighting chance, you know? Yeah. Go on. Good off, and I won't do this. And I'm fighting chance. And I like what you say about looking tough. I think it's a notion of security guards. Right. And I think that says a difference that makes rapper, right? We're not looking with a tough big guys, right? Oh, we we were looking for a job. People that were great communicators, they know. Yeah, they're about Jiu Jitsu that they've yet to de escalate every situation because they're so aware of the capable hands, or the tools, but they know what they're getting in the situation. Who's protecting the client? Correct, right? Who's protecting their family if you're in a fight, because how you know in combat a lot of people on one side take to get the whole security one side income the other side? Right, so I'm not trying to get fighters me we have a lot of females, are we training them to be executive protection agents, because what you're going to expect for excellent protection agent, you don't see a comment, Ryan. And a funny thing that I learned when I was a private in the Rangers, we call it the three unknown roles of the Rangers, you know, first of all, you look good, you know where you are. And if you if you don't know where you aren't look good, right? If you look good, if you looked up, that person knows what he's doing right, you're ready to determine that really thinking about the next, we're gonna spend my time this guy that looks, you know, this female, that looks like they know what they're doing, when I get you know, the next corner person that is falling asleep, or he's not dressed. So with that, sure, Tolkien or the books,

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go for the low hanging fruit go for the easy, you know, easy pickings. And so, and again, you know, and that's why, you know, people, you know, minute men and women both equally, you said, you walk with that competence, you walk with that, you know, I know that purpose, you know, I know where I'm going kind of thing, even if you don't fake it till you make it. But as we already talked about, you know, building a business is unbelievably, I love that level of detail. Because I mean, that's what the those are the conversations I love most, is when we start talking about, you know, some little feature and how we really start battling back and forth how it will impact the people that you know, that will use it, and how do we most keep them safe? And how will you know how do we make it easy and that's it so the says, you know, that when your mission like mind is driven by a degree of responsibility for the safety and happiness of others, it can make the down days even more challenging one thing when you give up on yourself, but it's something totally different when you give up on others when you feel the need to protect and take care of and and you know and save for lack of a better term other people, then the win wake up with that on your heart. If you feel like you're not succeeding, it makes it even tougher. So what is your method for you know, because I know you have those days, you know, you can go 100% but there's just some days that you just have those little tiny doubts. So what do you do on those days?

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So first of all, for me was first being lucky lucky to have a friend like Jr, the hand and essentially as he went through I was going through so imagine he been in the recovery motion and I was starting Adam on this He's like, I call it Hey, you're a year ahead of me. Correct? Alright, so we identified guys I mean, I've been here here when you come to my house and stay with me, you know that Give me a break with the family promise so we have him right there he sent me out with the Wounded Warrior Project program and I was still like, man you're going to send me to this and connect and I went and I went to a outing with them and and we treat and I still watch like fighting it landed a lot of girls man I call it sad stories. I hate this you know and then he sent me out with a group with the women were prayer that is called the caregiving program for no caregiver can network program for for soldiers. And it was so interesting because I went to a rush hospital and outpatient program and they have you know, yoga and meditation in the house group counseling. And I'm there with this Ranger marine slash you know, face but after listening to listen and listen and see that so many other people are struggling with it. And one day he hit me. This is like a like a like a flu. You understand? You see? Yes, okay, I'm overwhelmed. I'm working too much. I haven't slept like you took chronic insomnia or I feel a pain in my chest because somebody annoying me Why me right in open space. And like I went with family to Universal Studios. In training, I understand them this the the chemical reaction in my brain of PTSD, das, and learning all these things, plus maybe medication, I was able to understand that it's not perfectly, you know, perfectly subject matter expert and it right down the point. And then putting that with my excitement, like you were saying about businesses, and I always want to do business and create a business. The only way I think parents can be happy is going back to meaning correct. I can work for anybody I can do anything but having a meaning how can I connect so my meaning is giving back to the veteran community, I want to use, we want to use this knowledge. So you come back to the security industry. Now we help you in the transition we creating while we are about to build a an academy, that's going to have the license which security security license arm on on security, talk about physical, psychological profiling, talk about the CCW, talk about all the stuff, but one thing that we need to put is Hey, before anything else, talk to me about what you're going to Yes, you were identify that maybe the question is going to you know, homelessness. So depression or marital status, I know, for our experience, what was the easy way for you to to set to get your, your benefits that you deserve. So that's what's in rap that we have put up of 10 people in school, because the first thing is, I don't have money, I don't have nothing, right. So hey, go to school that's, you know, 1800 dollars a month that you have available for you. Then after that, we take you to the VA and help you out with the paperwork and connect you with different organizations that's going to do the paperwork, then third, we help you with, hey, let's go workout together. Let's go, let's do this. Because when now you have a guy that probably gain weight or doesn't feel active, now he's going to the gym, his body's changing, he's trying to raise his head up high, he's dressing up again. So now that person is getting that confidence that you were talking about early. And finally, you can work with also you can work with anybody else, but connect to the community has to have that connection for free. Like I'd like to do chest t shirts who kids are on tour with American Legion or go to the USA and volunteer, just because I need to know that my work, you know, well, you know, entertainers will work on 200 hours for itself. So we don't work for nobody else. But I need to do something that connects me to communities but makes everything worth it. Correct. roof is going to come but yes, why I'm giving back and and that's what we do that with the homeless or with verint we want to create a life cycle of support to the whatever you want. So we can get you back to to your prime when you were in the in the military, because they have so many skills, right? That they can use and just they just don't feel confident yet to use it in the civilian world.

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I have to say real quick that this, this is my first interview for the Barrymore now I don't know, it may end up being the first one launched, but I could not have have scripted this better, I think could not have requested a better guest for this and I just I can't wait to meet you in person. But you know, so you can set a couple of things that I just love, you pointed to, you know, JR, giving you a purpose, a job something to do, because that was the problem. When I got out, I became a student and as I said, I was married to an A to a reconnaissance Marine who loved me very much, but he didn't know how to help me. And and I, you know, I again, felt was just, you know, disconnected. And I needed a purpose. And so if we can take these, these young men and women who are, you know, are about ideally we'd like to get them while they're still active, because before they get them that support system before they before they actually need it. But the important part is we get these newly separated veterans and connect them and give them a purpose. And again, and again, to help them transition. Because initially, they're going to be kind of laws. And so you know, it's like, while you're figuring out your purpose while you're figuring out the next stage of your life. And something that people really need to understand is this, that this difficulty in transitioning is not limited to any demographic, it's not male, it's not female, it's not combat related. I mean, there you could have spent, you could have never left us soil and still experience it. Because that, you know, again, it's that going from being a part of something, whether you lots of us don't even like the military, lots of people can't wait to get out. But still, you are part of something that you understand and are familiar with. And then you come out to something that you've kind of lost touch with. It's perfectly okay. It's understandable. And so we give them a purpose and just let them keep them busy, keep them getting up every day and doing something until they figure out what their next step. Yes. And then we have those of us out here, like you and I and jr who've been out a little while I call us veteran veterans, we've we've managed to over you know, get over that hump whatever way, and we need it makes us feel good. I always say there's no such thing as a selfless act, with one exception. You know, if I make you smile, it makes me smile. And I feel good. That's not selfless. And I do that I can get any sort of benefit and joy from that's not selfless. However, the exception is if you throw yourself in front of a bullet or a grenade, and you are not around to enjoy the accolades or the self satisfaction or whatever it is, that is the only in my opinion, true selfless act, I get incredible joy from from, you know, giving hugs from smiling from any connection that I can make anything that I can do to you know, so it's there's, it's a win win situation all the way around everybody benefits, and then eventually, you start moving out into the civilian community and you you don't have to be a part of because some people just I don't want to be a part of military forever, you don't have to just let us help you make that transition. And you can come back whenever you want. But we're here for you. And the important part is we help you get into that next phase and let you figure out and you may never even mentioned being a veteran again. But we just want to get you past that. Yes.

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And if you enter Bernard, or are you thinking what is the most successful businesses in the world is the United States military. So what to try to reinvent the wheel, what what why not use those skills and our strategy that we have, and and bring it out as a structure, correct. And then after that, you put your own flavor, but he provides that, that base, and then after you will, you will evolve in your own business or your own personal leader, you know, maybe not for profit, be a community leader, be a PTA president, just being a mom and a dad, you know, that's that's enough leadership there, I told that everybody's executive protection agent, when I work with my family, do you work with your kids, so your kids work with, you know, with their friends, you always walk in natural way you work normally, before your family inside away from the road, put them in your later but more in front of them, you you maintain distance from other groups, you open the door, that's part of the executive protection, everybody's executive protection agent, that you still haven't realized it. But it's just part of the nature of being the roles that different roles in society that we that we become part of it, if we can pass that to, to our clients and try to to make them understand, you know, money wise, you want to security and you don't want a bodyguard you want you don't want a bouncer, you don't want to try, right, you want to execute an agent that understands communication, understands the process, but also pay them right, because when a guy $10 an hour to $2 million investment or company,

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you know, you reminded me of something that you triggered earlier with regard to you know, so you guys, I mean, I've seen some pictures that some of these guys are big, I mean, I really want these guys around me If nothing else, just because you know, for the just eye candy. But what you said is so that's so important is you're not just a big giant piece of meat, you're not just muscle, you guys have brains, you have your it's the constant, you know, the knowledge and the awareness. And you know, you can you can adapt to a situation. So it isn't just about somebody who can jump in front and stop the bullet. Anybody can do that. But what what you guys provide is the the situational awareness that maybe prevents having that bullet shot in the first place, you know, again, I get the fact that, you know, some of us get out and whether it be because of what we went through or whatever, we're not really ready to be apart. However, you know, there's so many people out there so many civilians and such that are clueless when it comes to the military. And because of that, there are you know, I've heard a dozen times how Oh, there's so many resources, there are, aren't easily, you know, they're not easily they're not connected well, so we don't know where to find them. But the important part is that as a veteran, you know, you as a veteran, me as a veteran, the companies that we run, we we are truly in support of veterans, there are so many organizations that, you know, all they're looking at is that multi trillion dollar military market

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is so many so many programs available out there. So yes, it's program avail, but I know why. But there's this so I'm very good with paperwork. You know, I'm the operations guy, I read everything, I fight everything I go to the patient advocate when I see something is wrong with my with my care, right. But I got first Maria friends of mine that wouldn't go to the DA with their hole in their brain, no Linux, and the answer paper was like, You need to be more proof. And the only thing that means Hey, fill out the application environment and do this and do that. But they get so frustrated with that, right. And the reason I and just me in fairy that they make it sometimes that difficult, is because it's really expensive. So you get to the point that hey, only 25 50% will use the benefits, right? So we can afford it. Because you know, would be really expensive if hundred percent of the balance, here's a GI bill for it. Right? Right. So they made that. So my goal is to push through regardless never taken off for an answer. I never tell. And I keep pushing. And I was like next next next, right? So people's like you get so monkey, you get so lucky, I don't get so lucky. Now I just don't take no for an answer, the worst thing I can do is get to know. And then I write a congress inquiry and somebody will get will get the ball rolling. And that's what I want to be there. I want to be that person that that shows them, Hey, I can no, I spend my energy trying to help you somebody that doesn't want to help, right? Because

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that's the thing with the VA and some of these, you know, and again, as I said on my, in my interview yesterday, you know, I've heard so often that, you know, the VA doesn't care. And it's like, I don't believe that however, not in the big sense. However, the you know, some of these people have been in that same government position for so long, and they see so many people that it I mean, it's and we aren't as we've been. So it's kind of like it's old news, you know? And and so those of

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us are desensitized, right? So hard to find your people in the government? Correct? Because unless you kill somebody, you don't get fired. Right? To about it. Because me I think people should I believe in and getting involved in the military, you get evaluated every three months correctly, under your rank, or you don't make money. So right, that part of the same time, I think there's been a lot of changes, like different choice programs coming through, you know, other things that just takes that there and having that and having support and helping them. And that's when wrap up wants to come in. We want to help you navigate that, that that part. And our training academy will will try to open by February is going to be in Tampa at the beginning. But we have groups already in Puerto Rico, getting set up we got groups in California. And this is a big movement. We want to put a agent experiment in every location that we can, and teach every mom that can't like imagine having a babysitting babysitter class when you learn your CPR and your basic lesson for but you also learn security Okay, can I check the doors first? I'm gonna check the windows then I'm going to have my phone ready I'm here always charge and give it that idea to a babysitter you know 1615 years old you teach them that class it is mom's shooting to through the purse that way You Park You know combat poverty seems so funny, some does is important to teach us

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I love it. So So really, I mean, cuz honestly, when I you know, I just thought you guys were like you said just, you know, big giant walking group of you know, meatheads, and no, no offense, your intelligence, but just, I just assume that that's pretty much all you did, but you I love your mission is absolutely amazing. And something that I to I want that I want the people listening to this, the veterans and such, something I really want them to internalize is that whatever job you had, it doesn't make any difference. You know, not everybody's cut out for it. I think everybody should be willing to if called upon, but the one thing the thing that's important is that though there are some of us who are we can handle whatever it is we can handle the combat, we can handle the crises, that's just the for whatever reason, the way we are, are wired. But you can you can go an entire career as an entity and amazing airman sailor, marine or soldier, and yet never be combat. You know.

Unknown Speaker 37:05
I joined the Navy and my job before I get home, because I have some issues with volunteering, even though they may just was never again, volunteering yourself. I was a surgical technician. And I couldn't spend this 15 years get my master's degree retired, whatever. But I'm like, No, I want more. I just had that calling. Correct. So I try to finish airborne, get destroyed, combat, combat combat combat, but I always tell my mind my Rangers, because Rangers are very proud, very stronger, right? It's like, hey, never look at nobody else worse. Do you want to be the person cooking? Do you want to be the person doing the paperwork? Do you want to be the person I know, everybody's made it. And if you're not happy with your job, God shows you the same thing in life, the same thing, you know, happy I have done marketing, being a business, I'm finishing my bachelor's degree in Biomedical Science, I want to do medicine, now I got this, but you have have the tools and the options to do it. And if you don't know how to do it, ask for help. And wrap up wants to be there to help our agents, you know, to help them through the process. Because we have the experience and we have the motivation. And we have the want to do it. Right. And that's what we want to want to pass it to everything. We go from the house to hip hop concerts, to, you know, dispensaries to schools, and I'm trying to tell I went to my daughter's school play county and then you want to put it up there in the school system to protect them and the police the car, the police, it takes seven minutes to being a police person when you have people regardless of them boys have been trained on on protecting others correctly just for Mayor determine putting a Baron in schools in a school go to school, and most of them will I will tell you them for volunteer just to protect the school is no No, no, you know, makes sense.

Unknown Speaker 39:00
Well, and the thing too, is in you, we talked about earlier the confidence that you derive from having that, you know, being able to having those skills and you know, being able to do that, but as importantly, if everyone in the school is prepared, then you know and they're going about their day you know if you if you want to attack a school if you want to attack anything, and you know there are you know, particular guards particular what you know who to target. But if everyone in the organization is in at least some way train to to see and react, you know, then then you don't know you can't talk

Unknown Speaker 39:37
too much school and I'm in Florida, correct? Because I love my my Second Amendment freedoms and rights. And I'm in my class. And I'm like Who? You know, first schools, a lot of schools have laws, but who has a weapon here? He's seven of us here. Correct? Right? We are in Florida, he's our right to have a weapon and we should be trying to the minimum with a syllable training. Even if you're not trained, you still have the right us and America to have a weapon. When we don't do it. What is the idea that somebody else will be protecting us from whatever danger because the person comes to that door is 17 of us I ready? Correct was the determine Okay, I'm done correct. And that's my, my, my mentality not necessarily rapping wise, but training, when you go to school and you do consultation we do to or any business we can consult we can teach you hate, I think this is a weak side, you know, you should have their doors with the with the locks in this side, the cameras, this is AB and we consult with you and we prepare your team to take care of their own security, like in churches, you know, everybody, not everybody can be praying at the same time, identify those persons that are going to get blessed at that time, they're going to come to the next service but at that time, the goal is to protect you know, the people that I know receiving the blessing and and they need to be aware that their job at the moment is protect those those know those friends and family members. So it takes it takes that that's what what I bring to the masses. I love it.

Unknown Speaker 41:09
Okay, so I have a couple questions. First of all, if you could ask everyone in the world we're going to assume that there are more speaks is going to go viral and everybody hears it. If you can ask everyone in the world to do a single thing that would help to make them safer and or happier what would it be

Unknown Speaker 41:31
safer just just think about your your your environment correct I think every day to improve yourself you know we we go to the gym most of the people so that's one we read a lot I want to be intellect intellectually ready but also learn about your community learn about basic gun a lot of people that don't believing in a guns of things that guns have given been a way to everybody going up even if you don't buy one going up like to get your your your gun license going up like to buy a gun and you understand the system is easy. And if you have family go and take a CCW class away active shooter class with your family I sit and talk about this conversation sit there in the in the in the table of your home and have the conversation Hey, why did this happen? What will you do with it? And and I think that that that first of all awareness will lead you to write a plan

Unknown Speaker 42:35
well, you know, that's the thing it's like you know, I we fear what we don't understand knowledge and education is the cure to fear once you understand what to do You don't have to own a gun but if you know what to do when one is tossed in your hand or one is pointed at you and you know that then you are no longer you've taken the power of that fear

Unknown Speaker 43:03
to mildly shoot in the ground correct? Yes.

Unknown Speaker 43:07
And therefore be happy Guinea to be aware of what you want to do everything you need to be is one life correct? Identify what makes you happy the best meaning be a family member be entrepreneur be if you if you're going to be the best you know car washing person in the world be the best correct everything about you know the tires the paint the best soap in the market the Best Rock in the market and go every day to be the best no for nobody else to see you know for for self awareness to know that at the end of the day I was the best or whatever I do

Unknown Speaker 43:46
do isn't nearly as important as why you do it and how you do it. Okay so tell us really quick how to find you how to find Rat Pack how to you know reach out to you guys on the internet social

Unknown Speaker 43:56
any of that kind of stuff. So Rat Pack will be www dot Rat Pack or while sick worldwide security.com and then you can go Instagram at Rat Pack one security and on Twitter at Rat Pack worldwide security as well. And you know, Mr. Our CEO, Mr. JR. McIntyre, you can check on him and IG tactical Jr. jr spells JAYR and then mean IG account find me at Ranger Remy Remy spells REMMI. And I love that you can call us anytime you can ask us for any questions. We are an open source, meaning if you want to create your own security company, I'm, I'm gonna be there and help you out. But we wish we wish you to join us because I think our mission and vision is is something different. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 44:56
The so I all I will make sure all of that is in the show notes. And then the My last question here, and this is one of the features and very more, because we want to sort of help anyone who is feels You know, they're not quite sure how to reach out they don't quite know what question to ask, you know, when when they want to connect with somebody, we have this this cool little feature called conversation starters. And if you go and you get to meet with someone or to connect with someone and start a conversation to the left of the little you get the the typical chat little window that we know in text and everything else to the left of that is little light bulb. And if you tap on the light bulb, it comes up and you get a number of conversation starters that you can cycle through so I just cycle through a whole bunch of them and I I'm just picking one more or less at random and I'm going to ask you that question. And then we'll wrap up here so yes, we if you had an account and verint more which I know you will have very very soon I would just send it directly to you since you don't yet then I'm just going to read it so who do you call first? When you have good news the very first person you get excited you get a million dollar check you just won that billion dollar lottery who's the first person you call it cool. JOHN McIntyre.

Unknown Speaker 46:14
Wow, that's

Unknown Speaker 46:16
that's amazing. So that is cool. So I call him in and his lately we have so many good good stuff. Hey, I love I was doing a little bit more we have some things called date night. Everybody thinks that an executive protection agent is only for the rich the famous and stuff like row for the same price that you will pay for a taxi have for it over back and forward. You can call us we will send a executive protection agent training tactical driving with weapons weapons permit and everything and they will go there for your day night will open the door for your girl or your man and then we'll take it to that club or whatever you want to be there we'll have car radio at old times will protect your bag we will take you to your tables. And if you want us to plan your day we will do that to us. But it will be sitting in our and and whatever extra but

Unknown Speaker 47:12
you said great I have to I have to say this Okay, so really folks listening to this really is just about the same age as my son however I'm telling you right now I am madly in love with this man I've never had I've never seen him I don't know what he looks like but I'm mad because you just set me up for one last thing so within Barrymore we have a scheduling feature and you can schedule one person or multiple people and it's a safety feature because that way you don't have to give out your phone number you don't have to give out your email address anything like that you can schedule it right within there and in very soon upcoming versions what we'll do and that is that we you schedule the the activity or the date or whatever right there we then there then you show up you check in 24 hours later if it's a if it's a dating profile and if it's a friend profile we won't send out the reviews but if the dating profile 24 hours later you get a an objective review saying were they on time did they look like their picture that sort of thing. But as again back to the safety thing, the you know, as an app we we know that you know you have shown up to this place we for the women especially we have something in case of emergency and the men can use it to in case of emergency things such that if you're feeling uncomfortable you can let us know immediately that there's a problem and what you'll have two options you'll have you can either reach out to the pre saved you know your best friend or whatever to for whatever you know you set up ahead of time come get me text me call me whatever or you if it's more serious you can go directly to the authorities. But you know that way you don't have to alert somebody by texting or calling you know you don't have to sneak off to do those sort of things. And as far as the you know the date thing it's just I just love how your your safety thing your that I love the way you guys think you just your your big thinkers and it's just phenomenal. So Rat Pack and Barrymore are going to be awesome. I'm very excited. Okay, so I'm gonna let you go thank you again and we will be together again soon. I Jr. invited me to walk with you guys in the upcoming Tampa veterans parade on on Veterans Day. So I at the very least I will meet you then. We're looking forward for you to come with us. And I just I'm excited. Your your energy and your passion and you're never guess I was 52 would you? No, no, no.

Unknown Speaker 49:45
No, no, it's not going away. I'm sorry. I can't.

Unknown Speaker 49:50
It was wonderful. I will talk to you again soon. All right.

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